Will There Be a Season Two of All or Nothing: Arsenal?

The All or Nothing series is an Amazon documentary-style show that follows a sports team’s journey during a season. Whilst not all English fans may realise it, the first documentary was released in 2016 and followed the NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals. Since then, the programme has gone on to do seasons with various other NFL teams, national football teams, Premier League teams, Juventus in Italy, the New Zealand rugby team, and an ice hockey team.

Within this, Arsenal had their 2021-22 season documented and released in 2022. It is this programme that most UK fans associate with show. The All or Nothing series gives fans an inside look at how a club is run, players’ reactions to wins and losses, and what happens during events, such as transfer windows, and generally gives fans a look into a side of their favourite clubs they don’t get to see.

In terms of a second season for the Arsenal All or Nothing series, there is no concrete answer on whether this will take place. There are rumours that Arsenal could have a series two as early as the 2023-24 season, however, these are just rumours and have not been confirmed by officials. Indeed, there were rumours that another series was already being filmed but these certainly appear to be completely unfounded.

During the many All or Nothing documentaries, Amazon has done on a sports team, there has never been a side that has done more than one season. This isn’t to say it is not possible, but it does seem unlikely. Moreover, any second-season-series will not be in the near future and will likely be filmed only after they have done more series on different clubs in the top flights of various leagues.

Germany & Newcastle Are Next

Germany & Newcastle All or Nothing series will be nextGenerally speaking, the Arsenal All or Nothing series was a big success as it was a drama-packed season that showed the Gunners were on the rise again and are back to competing for trophies. Currently, there are seasons being made on the German national team and Newcastle United. The German national team series will follow them through their Qatar 2022 World Cup journey and will give fans an insight into what goes on with a major international football team at an event, such as the World Cup.

With the Newcastle series, it will be more similar to the Arsenal documentary and will follow the North East team through the 2022-23 season where the club, so far, has had a big turnaround in results. After the club was bought by new owners, controversial ones at that, and invested a great deal in new signings, it was clear there would be an interesting story to tell. It will be fascinating to see how the club changed from how it was before and the attitude of the players as they sit higher up in the table than they have done for many years.

All Or Nothing: Arsenal – Series 1

All or Nothing IMDB screenshot

The first season of the Arsenal All or Nothing documentary followed the Gunners in their fifth-place finish of the 2021-22 season, a season of many ups and downs for the club. The series started off showing one of the worst starts in Arsenal’s Premier League history. Their first three games of the campaign were all losses without a single goal being scored, and Arteta’s men found themselves bottom of the table.

From there, the club and players went on a journey few fans foresaw and the season was turned round, resulting in fifth-place finish. The season that was filmed is regarded as a turning point in Arsenal’s history as after many disappointing seasons since Wenger left, Arsenal managed to make a serious challenge for a top-four finish.

Arsenal’s Potential to Grow

In days gone by, that would hardly seem like a positive result but after finishing eighth in the two seasons prior it was a big step forward, especially after the poor start they had. In addition, it saw them qualify to play European football and restored hope for upcoming seasons. One of the biggest points the series focuses on is the fact that the Arsenal squad is the youngest in the Premier League and has lots of potential to grow to become one of the dominant forces in the top flight.

If Arsenal are able to keep their star players and develop others in the squad, and bring in signings to help them keep growing, Mikel Arteta could really build a dynasty. This is explored more in the series and there is a lot of insight into player discipline, especially with regards the club captain at the time of filming Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Aubameyang Sold to Barcelona

Throughout many of the episodes it is shown that Aubameyang is a player that feels he is not being treated right by the club and after missing games due to disciplinary issues and being stripped of his captaincy, he becomes more and more of an issue for the club. Aubameyang was seen travelling to Barcelona while he was meant to be taking time off to go and deal with a family issue, which proved to be the final straw for the club.

After many issues with the striker, he was sold in January to Barcelona leaving the club to rely on their younger players to see the second half of the season out without one of their most experienced players. Many fans disapproved at the time, especially as “Auba” began banging in the goals with new club Barca.

Disappointing Final Games

Matters were made worse because Arsenal had appeared on track for a higher league finish than fifth but rather collapsed in the final games of the season. They lost two out of their three last games to miss out on Champions League football. One of those was to Tottenham, their biggest rivals, who also ended up finishing above the Gunners in fourth.

Many fans of the wider All or Nothing series felt this was one of the most insightful so far as it really showed how a side grew, changed and matured. Fifth place was a good outcome despite the Spurs disappointment and came off the back of a very disappointing eighth-place finish in the league the season before. Before the new season began many wanted Arteta gone and predicted that the 2021-22 season would be the same as the last two.

Fans Eager for More

Yet, the result of the campaign, especially after the start the Gunner had, shocked many fans and being able to see how a team works with such a young squad and new manager, especially during the global health crisis was very interesting. Many Arsenal fans want a second season of All or Nothing – as do many neutrals.

Currently, in the 2022-23 season, Arsenal are doing very well both in the domestic league and in Europe and Gunners and neutrals alike would no doubt like to see a season following the club when they win more trophies and continue to grow. Whether or not there will be a season two of the series remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, if it is anything like the first, it will be very entertaining and informative.