Arsenal 2019/2020 Premier League Fixtures

The brand new fixtures for the upcoming 2019/20 Premier League season are now out and we start away to Newcastle United up at St. James Park on Sunday 11th August, kick off 2pm.

The Newcastle United fixture is the only confirmed TV fixture so far, with both SKY Sports and BT Sport yet to decide what other games they will show, so some of the fixtures below could yet change.


All Premier League fixtures are suspended until further notice. Despite talk of “project restart” our personal opinion is that the league is unlikely to be completed before August, when we’ll have to start again.

We’ll obviously update the fixtures here if anything changes. But it the meantime, we’re not watching or betting on football at all at the moment. The plan is to take a few months off, leave our phones inside and enjoy the summer!


Sunday Aug 11, 2019 2:00 PM Newcastle United – Arsenal

Saturday Aug 17, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Burnley

Saturday Aug 24, 2019 3:00 PM Liverpool – Arsenal

Saturday Aug 31, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Spurs


Saturday Sep 14, 2019 3:00 PM Watford – Arsenal

Saturday Sep 21, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Aston Villa

Saturday Sep 28, 2019 3:00 PM Man Utd – Arsenal


Saturday Oct 5, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Bournemouth

Saturday Oct 19, 2019 3:00 PM Sheffield United – Arsenal

Saturday Oct 26, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Crystal Palace


Saturday Nov 2, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Wolves

Saturday Nov 9, 2019 3:00 PM Leicester City – Arsenal

Saturday Nov 23, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Southampton

Saturday Nov 30, 2019 3:00 PM Norwich City – Arsenal


Tuesday Dec 3, 2019 7:45 PM Arsenal – Brighton & Hove Albion

Saturday Dec 7, 2019 3:00 PM West Ham United – Arsenal

Saturday Dec 14, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Manchester City

Saturday Dec 21, 2019 3:00 PM Everton – Arsenal

Thursday Dec 26, 2019 3:00 PM Bournemouth – Arsenal

Saturday Dec 28, 2019 3:00 PM Arsenal – Chelsea


Wednesday Jan 1, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – Man Utd

Saturday Jan 11, 2020 3:00 PM Crystal Palace – Arsenal

Saturday Jan 18, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – Sheffield United

Wednesday Jan 22, 2020 7:45 PM Chelsea – Arsenal


Saturday Feb 1, 2020 3:00 PM Burnley – Arsenal

Saturday Feb 8, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – Newcastle United

Saturday Feb 22, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – Everton

Saturday Feb 29, 2020 3:00 PM Manchester City – Arsenal


Saturday Mar 7, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – West Ham United

Saturday Mar 14, 2020 3:00 PM Brighton & Hove Albion – Arsenal

Saturday Mar 21, 2020 3:00 PM Southampton – Arsenal


Saturday Apr 4, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – Norwich City

Saturday Apr 11, 2020 3:00 PM Wolves – Arsenal

Saturday Apr 18, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – Leicester City

Saturday Apr 25, 2020 3:00 PM Spurs – Arsenal


Saturday May 2, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – Liverpool

Saturday May 9, 2020 3:00 PM Aston Villa – Arsenal

Sunday May 17, 2020 3:00 PM Arsenal – Watford


What can Unai Emery do for Arsenal?

To be honest, as much as it is about what can Unai Emery do for Arsenal? It is once again, what can we now as fans do for the club and team. The majority of us of course are happy to finally see the legend that is Arsene Wenger leave the club after so many years with us. Wenger of course will go down as an absolute legend of our great club, despite those last few years where he clearly stayed on too long.

Yes, we can blame him for doing more years than he should have, but at the end of the day he wanted to make sure he left the club in as good as shape as possible going forward. Clearly he hasn’t done that, but he certainly tried to and for that, I am very grateful to him. Now though, for this season and next, we have to forget Wenger and purely concentrate and getting behind the team and focus on supporting Unai Emery.

I have no doubt we’ll do that, but it’s no good doing it for a game or two, or even half a season, Unai has a long term goal and we have to stick with him whatever the results. We are going to have some poor results and we are going to have some bad performances, hey we might even play terribly and win, so what. That is just the way it is going to be, for now. You never know, things might come good straight away, it’s just unfortunate that we had to play the reigning Premier League champions Manchester City in our opening game. A win would have been great, a draw would have been a good, but after a not to great a performance, we lost 2-0. Onwards and upwards.

Sunday 12th August – Premier League – Arsenal 0 v Man City 2
Arsenal –
Man City – R Sterling (14), B Silva (64)

Our predictions before the game:
David : 1-2 City
Jason : 0-2 City
Alex : 0-1 City
Lewis : 1-1 draw
Vas : 0-2 City

Saturday 18th August – Premier League – Chelsea 3 v Arsenal 2
Chelsea – Pedro (9), Á Morata (20), M Alonso (81)
Arsenal – H Mkhitaryan (37), A Iwobi (41)

Our predictions before the game:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 1-1 draw
Alex : 1- draw
Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal
Vas : 2-2 draw

Saturday 25th August – Premier League Arsenal 3 v West Ham United 1
Arsenal – N Monreal (30), I Diop (70 og), D Welbeck (90+2)
West Ham – M Arnautovic (25)

Our predictions before the game:
David : 3-0 Arsenal
Jason : 3-0 Arsenal
Alex : 3-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal
Vas : 4-1 Arsenal


Arsenal’s new 2018/19 Premier League fixtures

Our new manager Unai Emery will find out in two days time, which team he will face in his first ever Premier League game in charge of Arsenal. That’s because all 380 fixtures for the new 2018/19 season will be released at 9am on Thursday 14th June, the same day the World Cup in Russia begins. What an exciting day! In the meantime, here are our current pre-season friendlies, but please be aware they’re all subject to change, especially the Chelsea game.

July 2018

Saturday 14th July
Friendly Match
Boreham Wood

Thursday 26th July
International Champions Cup
Atletico Madrid

Saturday 28th July
International Champions Cup
Paris Saint-Germain

August 2018

Saturday 4th August
International Champions Cup



Arsenal’s new 2018/19 Premier League fixtures


11th: Manchester City (h)

18th: Chelsea (a)

25th: West Ham United (h)


1st: Cardiff City (a)

15th: Newcastle United (a)

22nd: Everton (h)

29th: Watford (h)


6th: Fulham (a)

20th: Leicester City (h)

27th: Crystal Palace (a)


3rd: Liverpool (h)

10th: Wolves (h)

24th: Bournemouth (a)


1st: Tottenham Hotspur (h)

4th: Manchester United (a)

8th: Huddersfield Town (h)

15th: Southampton (a)

22nd: Burnley (h)

26th: Brighton (a)

29th: Liverpool (a)


1st: Fulham (h)

12th: West Ham United (a)

19th: Chelsea (h)

29th: Cardiff City (h)


2nd: Manchester City (a)

9th: Huddersfield Town (a)

23rd: Southampton (h)

26th: Bournemouth (h)


2nd: Tottenham Hotspur (a)

9th: Manchester United (h)

16th: Wolves (a)

30th: Newcastle United (h)


6th: Everton (a)

13th: Watford (a)

20th: Crystal Palace (h)

27th: Leicester City (a)


4th: Brighton (h)

12th: Burnley (a)


Sanchez to United

Have we now seen the last of Alexis Sánchez in an Arsenal shirt? I really do hope not from a personal point of view, but in some way I suppose it is probably for the best if I have. We know he’s leaving but now I hear Sánchez to Manchester United is now the rumour as well, where has that come from?

It’s bad enough when you probably know a player is leaving and there is nothing you can do about it, but Sánchez to Man City was the deal that was happening last summer and by all accounts was near enough a done deal? Now we find out that he could be going somewhere else, but of course it comes as no surprise it’s still Manchester bound. How many times have we lost a player heading to Manchester in recent years. What is it with that place? Money yes, trophies yes, players simply aren’t happy with winning FA Cup after FA cup these days are they?

They want Premier League titles and if possible, Champions League success. Under Wenger and Arsenal currently they are not going to get that here are they? It’s disappointing of course but we have to be realistic here, one player does not make our team and never will they. What has to happen and what has to happen more quickly is building a team around these excellent players we have as soon as possible.

For too long now we’ve had one or two world-class players in our team but never four or five. For me that is where the problem lies. Our one or two world-class players see that they are forever relied on and do not get any help around them to allow us to push on that little bit more. If we’d only signed two more in recent times. Don’t get me wrong, Lacazette was a move in the right direction but where was the outstanding central defender signing as well as a world-class defensive midfielder? Wenger has done so much for so long over the years but gradually what he’s doing now is tainting all that he has done for this club. Please Sánchez please just now go now and soon. We can then move on once again until next time.

Anyway, onto our #AFCpredictions as usual as we pretty much back our team before each game to win hopefully. Three games against as London rivals Chelsea this month too, who’d have thought that. If you’d like to join us each week in doing your predictions as well, then as always please do give us a shout by clicking here.

Wednesday 3rd January (H) PREMIER LEAGUE @ 19:45 Chelsea – RESULT 2-2
Arsenal – Wilshere (63), Bellerin (90)

Chelsea – Hazard (67 pen), Alonso (84′)

Our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 1-1 draw
Alex : 1-2 Chelsea
Lewis : 1-1 draw
Vas : 2-1 Arsenal

Sunday 7th January (A) FA CUP 3RD ROUND @ 16:00 Nottingham Forest – RESULT 4-2
Nottingham Forest – Lichaj (20, 44), Brereton (64 pen), Dowell (84 pen)

Arsenal – Mertesacker (23), Welbeck (79)

Our predictions before the game were:
David : 3-1 Arsenal
Jason : 3-2 Arsenal
Alex : 2-2 draw
Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal
Vas : 3-1 Arsenal

Wednesday 10th January (A) EFL CUP SEMI-FINAL @ 20:00 Chelsea – RESULT 0-0
Chelsea –
Arsenal –

Our predictions before the game were:
David : 0-0 draw
Jason : 1-1 draw
Alex : 1-0 Chelsea
Lewis : 1-1 draw
Vas : 2-1 Arsenal

Sunday 14th January (A) PREMIER LEAGUE @ 13:30 AFC Bournemouth – RESULT 2-1
Bournemouth – Wilson (70′), Ibe (75′)

Arsenal – Bellerin (52′)

Our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-0 Arsenal
Jason : 2-1 Arsenal
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 3-1 Arsenal
Vas : 2-1 Bournemouth

Saturday 20th January (H) PREMIER LEAGUE @ 15:00 Crystal Palace – RESULT 4-1
Arsenal – Monreal (6′), Iwobi (10′), Koscielny (13′), Lacazette (22′)
Palace – Milivojevic (78′)

Our predictions before the game were:
David : 3-0 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 3-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 3-1 Arsenal
Vas : 2-1 Arsenal

Wednesday 24th January (H) EFL CUP SEMI-FINAL @ 20:00 Chelsea – RESULT 2-1
Arsenal – Rüdiger (12′), Xhaka (60′)
Chelsea – Hazard (7′)

Our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-1 Arsenal
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-1 draw – then penalties
Vas : 1-2 Chelsea

Tuesday 30th January (A) PREMIER LEAGUE @ 19:45 Swansea City – RESULT 3-1
Swansea – Clucas (34′ & 86′), Ayew (61)

Arsenal – Monreal (33)

Our predictions before the game are:
David : 3-1 Arsenal
Jason : 3-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal
Vas : 3-1 Arsenal


Arsenal at the Emirates

Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium have both the mighty, but fallen Manchester United as well as the might, but also fallen Liverpool coming to play us here in London in December. Hopefully we can show them where we are at now and send them both packing back up north with no points. Either way they should both be cracking games.

First up tomorrow is United and with Pogba now back in the team they’ll sure to be a threat, if play football like we can and having been doing we shall tear them apart. I’m certain of that, the only thing I’m not certain about is getting past David de Gea. What an outstanding keeper but he does get right on my nerves with the saves he’s made here over the year. I’m still undecided if that one on one save the other year against Jack Wilshere was pure luck or actually good goalkeeping.

Not a bad month last month then in November, can’t think of which result stands out. Burnley away? Nah, has to be that little victory against that team from “the lane” doesn’t it? Hah, of course it does. What a day, what a performance.

Anyway, onto our #AFCpredictions once again this month and as usual we’ll pretty much backing the team before each game to win hopefully. Especially with both Manchester United and Liverpool as mentioned coming to visit us at the Emirates this month. If you’d like to join us each week in doing your predictions as well, then as always please do give us a shout by clicking here.

Saturday 2nd December @ 16:30 Premier League (H) vs Manchester United – RESULT 1-3
Arsenal – Lacazette (49)
United – Valencia (4), Lingard (11, 63), Pogba (sent off 74)

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 2-1 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 1-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-2 draw / Vas : 1-1 draw.

Thursday 7th December @ Europa League (H) BATE Borisov – RESULT 6-0
Arsenal – Debuchy (11), Walcott (37), Wilshere (43), Polyakov (51), Giroud (64 pen), El Neny (74)
Borisov – 

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 4-0 Arsenal / Jason : 3-0 Arsenal / Alex : 4-1 Arsenal / Lewis : 3-0 Arsenal / Vas : 4-0 Arsenal.

Sunday 10th December (A) @ PREMIER LEAGUE Southampton – RESULT 1-1
Southampton – Austin (3)
Arsenal – Giroud (88)

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 1-0 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 1-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal / Vas : 2-1 Arsenal.

Wednesday 13th December (A) @ PREMIER LEAGUE West Ham United – RESULT 0-0
West Ham – 
Arsenal –

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 1-0 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 1-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal / Vas : 2-1 Arsenal.

Saturday 16th December (H) @ PREMIER LEAGUE Newcastle United – RESULT 1-0
Arsenal – Özil (23)
Newcastle – 

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 2-0 Arsenal / Jason : 3-0 Arsenal / Alex : 2-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 1-0 Arsenal / Vas : 2-0 Arsenal.

Tuesday 19th December (H) @ EFL CUP QF West Ham United – RESULT 1-0
Arsenal – Welbeck (42)
West Ham United –

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 1-0 Arsenal / Jason : 1-0 Arsenal / Alex : 1-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal / Vas : 1-0 Arsenal.

Friday 22nd December (H) PREMIER LEAGUE @ 19:45 vs Liverpool – RESULT 3-3
Arsenal – Alexis (53), Xhaka (56), Ozil (59)
Liverpool – Coutinho (26), Salah (52), Firmino (71)

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 2-2 draw / Jason : 2-1 Arsenal / Alex : 1-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 1-0 Arsenal / Vas : 1-1 draw.

Thursday 28th December (A) PREMIER LEAGUE @ 20:00 vs Crystal Palace – RESULT 2-3
Palace – Townsend (49), Tomkins (89)
Arsenal – Mustafi (25), Sánchez (62, 66)

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 1-1 draw / Jason : 2-1 Arsenal / Alex : 2-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 1-0 Arsenal / Vas : 2-0 Arsenal.

Sunday 31st December (A) PREMIER LEAGUE @ 16:30 vs West Bromwich Albion – RESULT 1-1
WBA – Rodriguez (89 pen)
Arsenal – McClean (83 og)

Our predictions before the game were:

David : 2-0 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 3-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 3-0 Arsenal / Vas : 2-0 Arsenal



Is Jack Wilshere playing today?

I think the question ‘is Jack Wilshere playing today’ is going to come up a lot over the coming months. I’ll be gutted if he is sold in the January transfer window, so I hope the question keeps being asked right throughout the season. We all know the lad has talent, that’s never been a doubt but what has been the problem with him in recent years? I want to say it’s just the injuries, but can you solely blame that for the lack of football we have got out of this truly talented footballer or is it something more?

Jack proved last season whilst on loan at Bournemouth that he can play regularly and it was great to see, however did he produce any match winning performances? I don’t think so but maybe that is a good thing. If he can keep his fitness up and keep working hard at it in training too, then gradually he’ll be back in regular contention for a starting place in the team week in, week out. Once back he just has to do the basics and perform consistency as we know he can and not worry about being the one we rely on. Unlike when he first broke into the team way back in 2008, the expectation that was on him then to be our engine room and a world beater was crazy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s excellent when a youngster comes through but it would be even better if then they went onto be become a regular for many a year.

Jack will be 26 at the turn of the year, his career is far from other so let’s hope this season he can just become performing player that contributes to our team this season. Of course England need him next summer, why wouldn’t they but that the World Cup is over eight months away. Talk of an England recall after just a few games back for us are ridiculous, they know what he can do so let him find some form first and maybe, just maybe he’ll be on that plane to Russia next June. For now though, helping out his Arsenal team mates on the pitch is the main focus.

Onto our #AFCpredictions once again this month and as usual we’ll pretty much backing the team before each game to win hopefully. Although we’re playing Manchester City away this month? If you’d like to join us each week in doing your predictions as well, then as always please do give us a shout by clicking here.

Thursday 2nd November @ 20:05 Europa League (H) vs Red Star Belgrade – RESULT 0-0
Arsenal –
Belgrade –

A very dull affair but it sees us qualify from Group H with 10 points already and into the next stage of the Europa League. Despite the scoreline we did have chances and Giroud was guilty of missing a couple as well as a great chance for Wilshere, but his shot was cleared off the goal line. A narrow victory would have been a fair result but the Serbian side kept a clean sheet Our predictions before the game were: David : 1-0 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 1-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal / Vas : 2-1 Arsenal.

Sunday 5th November @ 14:15 Premier League (A) vs Manchester City – RESULT 3-1 LOSS
City – De Bruyne (19′), Agüero (50′ pen), Jesus (74′)
Arsenal – Lacazette (65′)

It was always going to be very difficult against a truly fantastic Manchester City side at this moment in time and it proved that. I honestly thought we might have a chance but their class shone through right from the off and even when we got back in it late on, they just came back at us once again. Our predictions before the game were: David : 2-2 draw / Jason : 3-1 City / Alex : 3-0 City / Lewis : 2-0 City / Vas : 2-1 City.

Saturday 18th November @ 12:30 Premier League (H) vs Spurs – RESULT 2-0 WIN
Arsenal – Mustafi (36′), Sánchez (41′)
Spurs –

A win against Spurs, the way it should be. Over the moon to beat them but I don’t feel any different to any other win from years gone by. Too much was made of this “power shift”, it’s not something I’ve ever been concerned about to be honest. If a power shift consists of winning nothing each year then something has seriously changed in the world of football. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about them. I’m here to talk about us. What a performance that’s putting the goals to one-side. I thought every single player put a shift in and we absolutely dominated from start to finish and I cannot praise the lads enough. The only issue I do have is why we cannot do that week in week out? Clearly we were all confident as our predictions before the game were: David : 2-1 / Jason : 2-0 / Alex : 1-1 / Lewis : 1-0 / Vas : 1-1.

Thursday 23rd November @ 18:00 Europa League (A) vs FC Köln – RESULT 1-0 LOSS
Koln – Guirassy (62′ pen)
Arsenal – 

Wenger said afterwards “You feel you have done the job to finish top of the group,” and “We now play our final game at home against Bate Borisov without much at stake, other than the fact that we want to win the game. It’s what we wanted.” That is true and I suppose that is the most important thing, however even with a poor display as such it’s still nice to create a few chances. We didn’t do that though apart one Francis Coquelin chance where he hit the post, but that was about it. Okay they probably shouldn’t have had a penalty themselves but there you go. Our predictions before the game were: David : 2-0 / Jason : 2-1 / Alex : 1-0 / Lewis : 1-1 / Vas : 2-1.

Sunday 26th November @ 14:00 Premier League (A) vs Burnley – RESULT 1-0 WIN
Burnley –
Arsenal – Sanchez (90′ pen)

Credit where credit is due, Burnley are currently playing some good football. Of course they’re not free-flowing going forward but they’re definitely better than you think. The played well today and defender brilliantly and when Gudmundsson hit the post there was a huge sigh of relief. Saying that, I thought Jack Wilshere’s deflected shot with not long to go was in. Sanchez won it thought with an injury time penalty that some will say was harshly given to us, but for me it clearly looked a push in the back. Our predictions before the game were: David 1-1 / Jason 1-2 / Alex 0-1 / Lewis 0-2 / Vas 1-3.

Wednesday 29th November @ 19:45 Premier League (H) Huddersfield Town – RESULT 5-0
Arsenal – Lacazette (3), Giroud (68, 87), Sánchez (69), Özil (72)

Huddersfield – 

Our predictions before the game were: : David : 3-0 / Jason : 2-0 / Alex : 3-0 / Lewis : 4-0 / Vas : 4-1.


Who is Eddie Nketiah?

He is the 18-year-old that scored in fifteen seconds of coming on to save us from beating knocked out of the EFL Cup by Norwich last night. That’s right with five minutes to go of normal time, Arsene sent the young lad and he rewarded him with a tap in after one of ours corners was flicked on to take the game to extra-time.

The young lad had worked with our Premier League legend Thierry Henry once a couple of years back after joining us from Chelsea. Henry wasn’t renowned for tap in goals but having taken the game to extra-time initially, Nketiah then popped up again at another corner to head in the winner and give us a place in the quarter-finals. The draw for that will take place on Thursday afternoon at 4pm by the way.

Eddie Nketiah was born in Lewisham and got his break when he was picked up by Chelsea were he progressed in the academy, but was eventually released due to his lack of height and physicality. Thankfully, well we’ll see, he had a weeks trial with us. He impressed and was given a youth contract.

Anyway, well done to the lad. Our #AFCpredictions are continuing below too, but with us pretty much backing the team before each game we haven’t done too well recently. As usual as well, there will also be our couple of sentences to give you our honest opinion of the game. If you’d like to join us each week in doing your predictions then as always please do give us a shout by clicking here.

Sunday 1st October @ 12:00, Premier League (H) vs Brighton & Hove Albion – RESULT 2-0 WIN
Arsenal – Monreal (16′), Iwobi (56′)
Brighton & Hove Albion – 

Arsene celebrated 21 years in charge of our great club with an easy enough victory over Brighton & Hove, although the new boys did play some good football at times to be fair. Thankfully we scored in each half to give us all three points and our predictions before the game were: David : 2-0 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 2-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal / Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Saturday 14th October @ 17:30, Premier League (A) vs Watford – RESULT 2-1 LOSS
Watford – Deeney (71′ pen), Cleverley (90’+2)
Arsenal – Mertesacker (39′)

No fight and no class on the park for us yesterday as we were out fought in nearly every department. Missing Alexis Sanchez and with Mesut Ozil on the bench we looked completely out of starts from start to finish. I thought we were going to get away with a draw but isn’t to be. No surprise Arsene had a moan about some decisions after. Our predictions before the game were: David : 2-1 Arsenal / Jason : 3-1 Arsenal / Alex : 2-2 draw / Lewis : 2-1 Watford / Vas : 2-1 Arsenal

Thursday 19th October @ 18:00, Europa League (A) vs Crvena Zvezda – RESULT 1-0 WIN
Crvena Zvezda – Rodic (Sent off 80′)
Arsenal – Giroud (85′)

Five points clear of BATE Borisov at the top of the group now and looking good in this competition to qualify for the next round. It was a work like performance and we showed good character in what was a tricky place to play in Serbia. Once piece of outstanding from Olivier Giroud’s was the difference though with a spectacular overhead kick. Our predictions before the game were: David : 1-0 Arsenal / Jason : 1-1 draw / Alex : 2-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal / Vas : 1-0 Arsenal

Sunday 22nd October @ 13:30, Premier League (A) vs Everton – RESULT 5-2 WIN
Everton – Rooney (12′), Gueye (Sent off 68′), Niasse (90’+3)
Arsenal – Monreal (40′), Ozil (53′), Lacazette (74′), Ramsey (90′), Sánchez (90’+5)

Rooney gave Everton the lead and all the talk was of that goal he scored against us all those years ago as a 16-year-old. It didn’t last too long, even without the sending off we’d have won as we simply created so many chances against a team that looked all over the place at times. If it was for their keeper Pickford it could have been more. Our predictions before the game were: David : 2-1 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 draw / Alex : 4-1 Arsenal / Lewis : 3-1 Arsenal / Vas : 3-0 Arsenal

Tuesday 24th October @ 19:45 EFL Cup 4th Round (H) Norwich City – RESULT 2-1 WIN AET
Arsenal – Nketiah (85′, 96′)
Norwich – Murphy (34′)

Who is Eddie Nketiah? Well we all know now but as mentioned at the top of the article, most of us have known he’s been banging in the goals for the academy the last couple of season. Great he was given the chance and even better that he took it with the equaliser to save the tie and then the to get the winner as well. Brilliant. Wenger said: ‘I don’t know what happened with Nketiah at Chelsea but he has scored goals with us.’ Our predictions before the game were: David : 3-0 Arsenal / Jason : 4-1 Arsenal / Alex : 3-1 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal / Vas : 3-0 Arsenal

Saturday 28th October @ 15:00 Premier League (H) Swansea City – RESULT 2-1 WIN
Arsenal – Kolasinac (51′), Ramsey (58′)
Swansea City  –  Clucas (22′)

After all the bad publicity our club received in the past week with the goings on with our AGM is was good to get back to football on the pitch. Thankfully after going behind, we managed to get back into it and finally win the game thanks to Aaron Ramsey getting the winner. It was a nervy performance from the off and although Swansea weren’t great they still gave us a game. For me it was a game we had to win, of course we know that but thankfully I’m always glad to see a bad performance as long as win comes along. Our predictions before the game were: David : 2-0 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 2-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal / Vas : 2-1 Arsenal



Arsenal in Europe jokes

Well last month wasn’t the best opening month of the season we’ve ever had, was it? We certainly deserved to win the Community Shield, all be it on penalties. It was then considered a great comeback against Leicester to win it at the end on Friday Night Football, the Foxes still think they should have won it. As for Stoke and Liverpool away, not good. Let’s hope for better this month when the fixtures start to come thick and fast with the newly named Carabao Cup and of course the Europa League.

Yes yes we’ve all heard the Europa League and Thursday night jokes from Spuds and other fans alike. I honestly don’t get it though, I’ve never even been one of those who’ve mocked other teams in the past or one who celebrates just getting into the Champions League. Again I just don’t get it, celebrate when you win it. Celebrate when you win a trophy or at least something. Manchester United did a great thing last season in my opinion and going out and winning it, for all the ridicule they’ve had in recent years for being poor they went out and are winning things that they currently can. At the moment that is where we’re at, we’ve not looked like being able to win the Champions League for as long as I can remember, we’re simply not good enough, so let’s try to win the Europa League now that we’re in it. I’ll take all the jokes all year round if I have to, but if we win it?

Long time since we’ve had a chance of winning the Champions League

Therefore our #AFCpredictions will continue before each game and this month will contain the Europa League fixtures, not surprisingly none of us did well in August. That won’t stop us mainly backing the team though before each game, then after the game we’ll give you our honest opinion with a small and decisive match report straight from the heart. If you’d like to join us each week in doing your predictions then as always please do give us a shout by clicking here.

Saturday 9th September @ 15:00, Premier League (H) vs Bournemouth – RESULT 3-0 WIN
Arsenal – Welbeck (6′ 50′), Lacazette (28′)
Bournemouth –

We started off on the right foot with an early goal and nearly really looked back, Bournemouth on the day did not look like they were working as a unit like they have in the past and we took full advantage. It was good to see and I love seeing Welbeck score, if he can stay fit all season we’ll score many more goals. Especially with Lacazette now scoring as well. Our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-0 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 2-1 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal / Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Thursday 14th September @ 20:05, Europa League (H) vs Cologne – RESULT 3-1 WIN
Arsenal – Kolasinac (49′), Sánchez (67′), Bellerín (81′)
Cologne – Córdoba (9′)

More Cologne fans than tickets they were actually allocated for the game

Well what an eventful evening that was last night, we knew there was thousands of Cologne’s fan in London hours before kick off and it was already rumoured the majority would be making their way to our ground. The game was delayed by an hour for security reasons once they all started arriving and then refused to be searched and present their tickets at the turnstiles. There was then our fans leaving and somehow more of their fans gaining entry to the ground without tickets or with Arsenal fan’s tickets. Don’t get me wrong, the atmosphere was good and there was no trouble but there could have been. As for the game, what a goal by Córdoba, quick thinking and an outstanding finish. Good to see we bounced back in the second half to get the win and of course not a bad finish from Sánchez either. Our predictions before the game were: David : 3-0 Arsenal / Jason : 3-1 Arsenal / Alex : 2-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal / Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Sunday 17th September @ 13:30, Premier League (A) vs Chelsea – RESULT 0-0 DRAW
Chelsea – Luiz (sent off 87′)

Arsenal –

Shocking challenge from Luiz

Never happy to celebrate a draw, let alone a 0-0 draw but considering our clean sheet record and result record against Chelsea over the years, it’s certainly worth a happy smile. As for David Luiz’s challenge on Kolasinac, shocking! Our predictions before the game were:
David : 1-1 draw
Jason : 2-0 Chelsea
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-0 Chelsea
Vas : 2-1 Chelsea

Wednesday 20th September @ 19:45, Carabao Cup (H) vs Doncaster Rovers – RESULT 1-0 WIN
Arsenal – Walcott (25′)
Doncaster – 

We should have scored a lot more of course but we never really looked like we were in any sort of trouble despite Doncaster trying to pinch a goal. Our predictions before the game were:
David : 3-0 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 3-0 Arsenal
Vas : 4-0 Arsenal

Monday 25th September @ 20:00, Premier League (H) vs WBA – RESULT 2-0 WIN
Arsenal – Lacazette (20′, 67′ pen)
WBA – 

Lacazette quickest to react to head in his first of two goals vs WBA

Yes it was a pretty dull game and of course all the talk this morning was of a penalty that wasn’t given to West Brom. Which yes probably should have been given, however I still believe we would have won. Lacazette was the difference with two goals, the first when he reacted quickly to Alexis’ free-kick that hit the bar and then he slotted home a penalty. Boring boring Arsenal maybe but three points in the bag. Our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-0 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-0 Arsenal
Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Thursday 28th September @ 18:00, Europa League (A) BATE Borisov – RESULT 4-2 WIN
BATE Borisov – Ivanic (27′), Gordeichuk (67′)
Arsenal – Walcott (9′, 22′), Holding (25′), Giroud (49′ pen)

Entertaining game that and the early goals settled us, not too often we get going that quickly. Although their defending wasn’t great, then again at times ours wasn’t. Good win though, our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 1-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal
Vas : 3-0 Arsenal


Arsenal start on Friday night football

Yes yes we do, finally the waiting is over, who cares if it’s a Friday night! Premier League football is back and we’re playing live on TV tonight. Which means there will be 60,000 or so inside our Emirates Stadium this evening. I couldn’t make the Community (Charity) Shield last weekend at Wembley so really looking forward to seeing our new lads in action tonight. I’ll definitely be putting a bet on Alexandre Lacazette to score that’s for sure, the lad is going to do good I can feel it.

As for our #AFCpredictions this season, yes they are back and we’ll be doing them before each game to see how many we get right. I think all of us did quite well at times last year. If you’d like to join us each week in doing your predictions then please do give us a shout by clicking here.

Sunday 6th August @ 14:00, Community Shield (Wembley) vs Chelsea – RESULT = 1-1
but Arsenal won 4-1 on penalties.

Just the boost we needed before the season started, I know this match is obviously not considered a proper trophy but just to beat Chelsea once again is a massive plus. The new lads looked good, I was surprised Mertesacker started but after his performance back in May I suppose it was quite fitting. Definitely a nasty whack to his head that. The draw over ninety minutes was probably fair enough but us winning via the new ‘A-B-B-A’ shoot-out format was great! Our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-2 draw – then win on penalties
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-1 draw – then lose on penalties
Vas : 1-1 draw – then lose on penalties

Friday 11th August @ 19:45, Premier League (H) vs Leicester City – RESULT = 3-2 WIN

Well, we got away with that, yes great, three points but come on Arsenal that wasn’t good enough. Players playing out of position with no belief and that showed so they took full advantage. Our predictions before the game were:
David : 3-0 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal
Vas : 3-0 Arsenal

Saturday 19th August @ 17:30 Premier League (A) vs Stoke City – RESULT = 1-0 LOSS

Same old Arsenal against Stoke

Poor performance all round, I know it’s the start of the season but not being able to break Stoke down is shocking. It’s obvious to me and everyone how they’ll play and we were just the same old, we had no aggression, no fight and missing players in so many positions. Poor absolutely poor, so many fans already fuming and obviously our predictions before the game were all wrong:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-1 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-1 Arsenal
Vas : 1-1 Arsenal

Sunday 27th August @ 16:00 Premier League (A) vs Liverpool – RESULT = 4-0 LOSS (thrashed)

What a total disaster, I’m so angry right now and I’m typing this the day after that awful performance and result. I’m actually struggling to describe what I saw on Sunday afternoon. I’d played football myself earlier in the day in our final pre-season game of the summer and our defending was better than Arsenal’s. As for the attitude of the players once we let one and then two in was pretty disgraceful as well. To be three games into the season and already have no fight to try to get back into a game is truly remarkable. What a long two weeks this is going to be before our next game at home to Bournemouth. Our predictions before the game were spectacularly wrong:
David : 1-1 draw
Jason : 2-1 Liverpool
Alex : 2-0 Liverpool
Lewis : 2-2 draw
Vas : 1-2 Arsenal


Why did Wenger out never happen?

With our Arsenal fixtures for the forthcoming season confirmed last month, we look ahead to the upcoming Community Shield against Chelsea this Sunday. As well as the fixtures for the opening two months of the season and which players will or will not be playing in them? Oh and why did Wenger out never happen? My answer to that now is to forget about it, we all know the reason why so let us as a club put last season’s divide between fans to one side please.

German Sead Kolasinac

Right, with both SKY Sports and BT Sports having now worked out which of our games they will be showing live, we as fans can work where we’ll be able to watch them if we’re not at the game itself. Those fixtures mentioned are at the bottom of this page.

Firstly though, the Community Shield this weekend. Not to talk about Chelsea too much, but it’s been mentioned a few times that their squad is still a little light to defend their Premier League crown going into the new season. They have hardly signed anyone, but then neither have we. The only two players of significance are defender Sead Kolasinac from Schalke, who looks like a huge build of a man, and long serving Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette. I’m happy with both but with question marks still over Ozil and Sanchez (although Wenger says they’ll still be here) I’m a little concerned we’re a tad lightweight. Even more so when as yet we do not know the future of Jack Wilshere and again rumours in the press about Oxlade-Chamberlain moving on.

New signing Alexandre Lacazette

With regards to this Sunday at Wembley then, I honestly think we’ll beat Chelsea again and am quietly confident. Hopefully the confidence is still there from our FA Cup final win in May and pre-season has been okay. Winning the community shield is of course not important as such, but just keeping a winning mentality is. There has been unrest with Conte in the Chelsea camp and with Matic leaving for United and Costa due to leave I do wonder what their currently mental state is a squad. To be honest, I don’t really care. My concern is always of course Arsenal.

Will the Europa League be a distraction for us this season, of course it will be, once the fixtures are confirmed and we start to playing Thursdays and Sundays. That is why we must get off to a flying start with no messing around, six points from the first two games will do me. In fact I’m going to predict ten points from our first four games before we possibly slip up to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in September. See you next month anyway for our #AFCPredictions which myself, Jason, Alex, Lewis and Vas will be doing once again this season.

August 2017

Friday 11th August – Premier League : Arsenal 19:45 Leicester City on SKY Sports

Saturday 19th August – Premier League : Stoke City 17:30 Arsenal on BT Sport

Sunday 27th August – Premier League : Liverpool 16:00 Arsenal on SKY Sports

September 2017

Saturday 9th September – Premier League : Arsenal 15:00 Bournemouth

Sunday 17th September – Premier League : Chelsea 13:30 Arsenal on SKY Sports

Monday 25th September – Premier League : Arsenal 20:00 West Bromwich Albion on SKY Sports

October 2017

Sunday 1st October – Premier League : Arsenal 12:00 Brighton and Hove Albion on BT Sport