Where Do Arsenal Players Live?

For Arsenal players, especially those that have come from abroad, one of the first priorities upon joining the club is to secure a home, ideally one nearby to the training ground in London Colney, Hertfordshire. These houses are typically stunning and are often situated in a very small number of highly affluent areas that are populated by a number of Arsenal and also Tottenham players.

Which Areas Do Arsenal Players Live?

Hampstead has become a key location for north London footballers to find their homes, as it already has a well-established community of footballers, especially those that have come from European countries. Furthermore, the north London village of Highgate is also an ideal place for Arsenal players to live, as it is only a short journey from the Emirates Stadium and is a very pleasant area with stylish homes.

Hadley Wood is another option that is home to numerous Arsenal and Spurs players, as it has top schools, and is close to central London whilst simultaneously being far enough away that the players can have some privacy and seclusion.


Homes as seen from Hampstead Heath
Views from Hampstead Heath (Panhard | Wikipedia.org – CC BY 2.5)

Hampstead is an affluent residential area in northwest London, and it actually contains more millionaires than anywhere else in the UK, meaning that Premier League footballers fit right in! Not only is it enormously wealthy, but it also has a well-established French-speaking community, stemming from former Gunners Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira deciding to buy into the area in 2001.

It has therefore been home to a number of French and Belgian footballers over the years, playing for either north London club, with former Spurs players, such as Mousa Dembele, Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld, all residing in the area. Furthermore, a lot of ex-players keep hold of their Hampstead homes, instead of selling them, as it is a very appealing area for families, with top schools and even private security on offer.

This comes at a serious cost, with the average home in Hampstead costing just over £1.6 million. Of course, that is just the average, and in some areas, such as the famous “billionaire’s row” of Bishop’s Avenue, prices are far higher, with the average for that particular enclave said to be more like £15m!


Highgate (Marc Barrot | Flickr.com – CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Highgate is a similarly wealthy north London area in which many Gunners players decide to live, and it is made even more desirable due to its close proximity to the Emirates Stadium, which is only around a 20-minute drive away. At the centre of Highgate is Highgate village, a very attractive collection of shops, bars and restaurants, where players can rub shoulders with some of London’s wealthiest and most famous residents.

Celebrities, such as Liam Gallagher and Jude Law, own houses in Highgate, and with the average detached house costing around £2.5 million, this is a very exclusive area, that also boasts top schools, which is something very important for players who may have children.

Hadley Wood

Hadley Wood
Hadley Wood (John Leatherdale | Wikipedia.org – CC BY-SA 4.0)

Hadley Wood is another wealthy north London suburb populated by Arsenal players, due to its proximity to the training ground and its stylish homes. It also has excellent schools and is only around an 18-minute drive from central London, whilst still being fairly quiet, meaning that players are safely away from unwanted paparazzi and media attention.

Hadley Wood is also home to many open, green spaces, and with the average house price set at £1.27 million, it is a highly desirable place to live for any Arsenal player. Former Gunner, Ashley Cole, famously lived in Hadley Wood during his marriage to Cheryl, and ex-Spurs player, Dele Alli, also currently resides in the area, with Robert Pires another former resident.

Where Do Former Arsenal Players Live?

The Bishop's Avenue
The Bishop’s Avenue (Martin Addison | Wikipedia.org – CC BY-SA 2.0)

Many former Arsenal players choose to remain in the areas of London discussed above, or at least hold on to their houses. This can be for a variety of different reasons, ranging from the excellent schools, which players’ children often attend, even if they’re currently playing elsewhere, to the simple fact that house prices are constantly rising in these areas as the demand for property in London continually increases.

It is therefore a good investment to own property in areas, such as Hampstead, although many players opt to rent. One example of a player maintaining their house is Thierry Henry, who kept hold of his Hampstead mansion, even after he joined Barcelona in 2007, and then continued to spend part of the year there whilst playing for New York Red Bulls. In fact, the Gunners legend made headlines in 2012 for attempting to demolish his house, and build another, larger property in its place, complete with a three-story aquarium. However, this was objected to by his neighbours, and therefore made the national news.

Alexandre Lacazette left Arsenal in summer 2022 so we do not yet know if he intends to sell the house he had in Hampstead. Jack Wilshere is another former Gunner who made his home in Hertfordshire, whilst it is believed that Olivier Giroud, who also played for Chelsea, retains his home Hampstead.