What can Unai Emery do for Arsenal?

To be honest, as much as it is about what can Unai Emery do for Arsenal? It is once again, what can we now as fans do for the club and team. The majority of us of course are happy to finally see the legend that is Arsene Wenger leave the club after so many years with us. Wenger of course will go down as an absolute legend of our great club, despite those last few years where he clearly stayed on too long.

Yes, we can blame him for doing more years than he should have, but at the end of the day he wanted to make sure he left the club in as good as shape as possible going forward. Clearly he hasn’t done that, but he certainly tried to and for that, I am very grateful to him. Now though, for this season and next, we have to forget Wenger and purely concentrate and getting behind the team and focus on supporting Unai Emery.

I have no doubt we’ll do that, but it’s no good doing it for a game or two, or even half a season, Unai has a long term goal and we have to stick with him whatever the results. We are going to have some poor results and we are going to have some bad performances, hey we might even play terribly and win, so what. That is just the way it is going to be, for now. You never know, things might come good straight away, it’s just unfortunate that we had to play the reigning Premier League champions Manchester City in our opening game. A win would have been great, a draw would have been a good, but after a not to great a performance, we lost 2-0. Onwards and upwards.

Sunday 12th August – Premier League – Arsenal 0 v Man City 2
Arsenal –
Man City – R Sterling (14), B Silva (64)

Our predictions before the game:
David : 1-2 City
Jason : 0-2 City
Alex : 0-1 City
Lewis : 1-1 draw
Vas : 0-2 City

Saturday 18th August – Premier League – Chelsea 3 v Arsenal 2
Chelsea – Pedro (9), Á Morata (20), M Alonso (81)
Arsenal – H Mkhitaryan (37), A Iwobi (41)

Our predictions before the game:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 1-1 draw
Alex : 1- draw
Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal
Vas : 2-2 draw

Saturday 25th August – Premier League Arsenal 3 v West Ham United 1
Arsenal – N Monreal (30), I Diop (70 og), D Welbeck (90+2)
West Ham – M Arnautovic (25)

Our predictions before the game:
David : 3-0 Arsenal
Jason : 3-0 Arsenal
Alex : 3-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal
Vas : 4-1 Arsenal

David Jenkins

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