Arsenal start on Friday night football

Yes yes we do, finally the waiting is over, who cares if it’s a Friday night! Premier League football is back and we’re playing live on TV tonight. Which means there will be 60,000 or so inside our Emirates Stadium this evening. I couldn’t make the Community (Charity) Shield last weekend at Wembley so really looking forward to seeing our new lads in action tonight. I’ll definitely be putting a bet on Alexandre Lacazette to score that’s for sure, the lad is going to do good I can feel it.

As for our #AFCpredictions this season, yes they are back and we’ll be doing them before each game to see how many we get right. I think all of us did quite well at times last year. If you’d like to join us each week in doing your predictions then please do give us a shout by clicking here.

Sunday 6th August @ 14:00, Community Shield (Wembley) vs Chelsea – RESULT = 1-1
but Arsenal won 4-1 on penalties.

Just the boost we needed before the season started, I know this match is obviously not considered a proper trophy but just to beat Chelsea once again is a massive plus. The new lads looked good, I was surprised Mertesacker started but after his performance back in May I suppose it was quite fitting. Definitely a nasty whack to his head that. The draw over ninety minutes was probably fair enough but us winning via the new ‘A-B-B-A’ shoot-out format was great! Our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-2 draw – then win on penalties
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-1 draw – then lose on penalties
Vas : 1-1 draw – then lose on penalties

Friday 11th August @ 19:45, Premier League (H) vs Leicester City – RESULT = 3-2 WIN

Well, we got away with that, yes great, three points but come on Arsenal that wasn’t good enough. Players playing out of position with no belief and that showed so they took full advantage. Our predictions before the game were:
David : 3-0 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal
Vas : 3-0 Arsenal

Saturday 19th August @ 17:30 Premier League (A) vs Stoke City – RESULT = 1-0 LOSS

Same old Arsenal against Stoke

Poor performance all round, I know it’s the start of the season but not being able to break Stoke down is shocking. It’s obvious to me and everyone how they’ll play and we were just the same old, we had no aggression, no fight and missing players in so many positions. Poor absolutely poor, so many fans already fuming and obviously our predictions before the game were all wrong:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-1 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-1 Arsenal
Vas : 1-1 Arsenal

Sunday 27th August @ 16:00 Premier League (A) vs Liverpool – RESULT = 4-0 LOSS (thrashed)

What a total disaster, I’m so angry right now and I’m typing this the day after that awful performance and result. I’m actually struggling to describe what I saw on Sunday afternoon. I’d played football myself earlier in the day in our final pre-season game of the summer and our defending was better than Arsenal’s. As for the attitude of the players once we let one and then two in was pretty disgraceful as well. To be three games into the season and already have no fight to try to get back into a game is truly remarkable. What a long two weeks this is going to be before our next game at home to Bournemouth. Our predictions before the game were spectacularly wrong:
David : 1-1 draw
Jason : 2-1 Liverpool
Alex : 2-0 Liverpool
Lewis : 2-2 draw
Vas : 1-2 Arsenal

David Jenkins

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