Is Arsene still here?

Not that any of us should be surprised, as he was always going to be here for the new season once he didn’t announce at the end of May he was leaving. The new season is just one day away now and the more and more I hear coming out of our great club, or the lack of it at the moment is just driving me to despair.

For all I’m about to say and for what I’ve heard others say, once our season finally gets under way at home to the scousers on Sunday, I shall be right behind the team once again. Unfortunately not all our fans will be and I can understand why, however for all those issues I think we currently have within the club. I cannot help but to fully get behind the team.

Arsene1Yes it’s been stale for a while now, yes there does need to finally be a managerial change, yes some fans have given up (to the extent of not renewing their season tickets), yes a lot of the ground is going to be silent this season. That to me just sums it all up, at this point I’m writing stuff like that, of course I don’t want to be, I want to be talking about how we should all be looking forward to the season ahead. I could do that, but is that really what all our fans are thinking? Of course it isn’t and that is what is driving me to despair. We are Arsenal and we are the fans of this great club.

I never thought I’d say it, considering what the great man Wenger has done for this club and for what he has brought us. I however don’t want him to lose that greatness tag, but slowly I think in some fans eyes he is and that is sad. I do believe myself he should have gone at the end of last season. If he’d been honest with himself he’d of said thank you for everything, but Arsenal as a club now needs to start again and head in a new direction under a new manager and moved on.

Arsene2Unfortunately, and you know I hope I’m wrong, but it now looks like we’ll plod on through another season and then say goodbye to him at the end of his contract when he’ll be 67 years old. The fans are divided already and it’s only going to get worse this season. It’s not just Arsene though, it starts from the top with management and filters down to everyone else. Everyone within the club then becomes convinced and content that they’re happy to just continue finishing in the ‘top four’ each season. That! Is simply not good enough or the right attitude to have.

Back in April, Wenger said he was signing new players to come in and change the dimension of the team. Where are they so far? Unless we start the season in a different manner and there is new emphasis on the pitch straight away, we’ll soon all be set to carry on the same way as we have been. The same old predictable team, again!

I like Giroud, but I think he now needs replacing (along with Walcott) or at least made to work for his place in the team with a top name striker coming in. We’ve been unlucky with Welbeck’s injuries but that to me is just another reason to actually sign someone, but that was clear last season that we actually needed someone else.


Defender Rob Holding signed from Bolton

We still have a few weeks to go in the transfer window, so we could (hopefully) see new players still come in, however the issue is the season starts in two days now. Yes we do have better squads than most but there just seems to be no change in going forward on the pitch. We’ve only brought in Rob Holding for an undisclosed fee from Bolton and Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach for £34.0mil so far. I don’t know too much about Xhaka so I’m hoping he comes in and surprises me. Holdin however, I’ve heard good things about him, whether he’ll get a start in defence in two days time is another matter. Come on Arsenal and come Arsene, sort it out!

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