Champions League here we come

What a random and strange month last month was then, but all the focus is now of course winning these final league games and hopefully guarantee ourselves yet another Champions League spot. I have loved the fact recently that everyone has written us and Arsene off as we’ve gradually slipped down the league into sixth place. As soon as we got into that position, that was it. Some of our fans, fellow fans and the media all apparently confirming our fate. I know it’s been a pretty poor season, with absolutely no consistency, but we have dropped down the table recently because of our FA Cup run and not playing our league games.

We now have games coming up against teams this month, who have other priorities (Man Utd) or no priority whatsoever (the rest of them) as their season is pretty much over already. In fact four of our final five league are at home too, so I’m going to come out and say it now. We will qualify for the Champion League next season. Okay, yes it’s not a trophy but once again and for our future it is where we need to be. The priority is always about winning trophies, but if we have a winning run of games now in the league and we’re flying at the end of the season. Then we can take that into our game at Wembley at the end of May.

Forget St Totteringham’s Day, forget losing to Spurs last week, let’s face it they have been better than us this season but they aren’t going to win anything this season. We can and we can of course still qualify for the Champions League just like them. Okay, enough of my ramblings, let’s get behind our team and dare I say it, let’s get behind Arsene for this hopefully merry month of May. Our AFC Predictions will continue too, so if you fancy joining in our predictions game or have anything else to rant about please contact us by clicking here.

Sun 7th May 16.00 Man Utd (Home) Premier League – RESULT 2-0 WIN
Arsenal – Xhaka (54), Welbeck (57)
Man Utd – 

Shocking defending but superb Welbeck header

This game was done and dusted in those few second half minutes when we took full advantage of a very poor and non-offensive Manchester United team. Once we got the goals the was clearly no way they were coming back. Once again, like so many times this season, they tried to stop the opposition scoring and hope to get a draw or possibly pinch a one-nil victory. Well it didn’t work, they had a few shots from distance but nothing clear-cut and when they even started standing off the ball, which they did for both our goals, me made sure we punished them. Hopefully this good but not brilliant victory, will build some momentum going into the final handful of games we have left. Our predictions before the game too were:

David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 1-1 draw
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-0 Arsenal
Vas : 1-0 Arsenal

Wed 10th May 19.45 Southampton (Away) Premier League – RESULT 2-0 WIN
Southampton –
Arsenal – Alexis (60), Giroud (83)

Sanchez’ performance outstanding

What a great performance last night, I mean that, we were really professional last night but more importantly played well too. I do love Giroud coming off the bench and scoring as well, how often has he done that now this season? As for Alexis Sanchez, wow, outstanding performance and goal once again from that man, as he leads our charge towards a Champions League spot. More important for me though is keeping that winning momentum going towards the FA Cup Final. Here are our predictions before the game:

David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 3-0 Arsenal
Alex : 1-1 draw
Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal
Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Sat 13th May 17.30 Stoke (Away) Premier League – RESULT 4-1 WIN
Stoke – Crouch (67)
Arsenal – Giroud (42 & 80), Özil (55), Sánchez (76)

Sanchez hitting the target again to make it 3-1

What did I say at the beginning of the month? I knew we’d go on a march in this final month of the season and that is precisely what we’re doing. Sanchez was great again and as always, if Giroud plays for 10 minutes or if he starts, he scores. It doesn’t mean he always plays well but he just always seems to score. Great performance anyway, on a ground we all know we have a lot of trouble on. As for the banners in the ground and the plane flying over the stadium, embarrassing stuff. I have my opinion and have expressed my feelings towards Wenger leaving, but I simply do not like this way of trying to hound him out. Here are our predictions before the game:

David : 3-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 3-1 Arsenal
Vas : 3-0 Arsenal

Tue 16th May 19.45 Sunderland (Home) Premier League – RESULT 2-0 WIN
Arsenal – Sánchez (72 & 81)
Sunderland – 

I think we all thought that last night was going to be an easy win and I suppose the scoreline may look as if it was. However, it was far from that as a relegated Sunderland team battled away and made it very hard for us until Sanchez got two late goals. The win leaves us still in fifth place with us relying on Liverpool and Manchester City to slip up on Sunday so we can finish in the top four once again. If we beat Everton of course. As mentioned above, even we believed we’d score plenty of goals last night with our predictions before the game:

David : 3-0 Arsenal
Jason : 4-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 4-0 Arsenal
Vas : 3-0 Arsenal

Sun 21st May 15.00 Everton (Home) Premier League – RESULT 3-1 WIN
Arsenal – Bellerín (8), Koscielny (Sent off – 14), Sánchez (27), Ramsey (90+1)
Everton – Lukaku (58 pen)

I was wrong then, sorry, I honestly thought we’d get into the Champions League. Unlike the rest of the season though, we gave it a right good go in the past month or so to get there. In fact I think we finally pulled our finger out and played some great stuff and got the numerous wins that we thought would do it for us. Unfortunately we always seemed to be replying on the other teams above us and to be fair to them, they still got their job done.

If that’s not disappointing enough, against Everton we have now lost players through both injury and suspension for the FA Cup final on Saturday. I thought Laurent Koscielny was unlucky to be sent off at the time but having seen it again it was a stupid challenge and he was off the floor. Gabriel injured badly as well so it sounds like Mertesacker may well be coming into the squad for his first game is as long as I can remember.

As for Wenger, I still want him to leave but I’ve mentioned before I’m not a fan of shouting “Wenger out” or putting up the banners. However, I’m all for shouting “Stan Kroenke get out of our club”. Good luck in the Cup Final anyway lads, I’ll see you there. Here were our predictions before this game anyway:

David : 3-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 3-1 Arsenal
Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Sat 27th May 17.30 Chelsea (Wembley) FA Cup Final – RESULT 2-1 WIN
Arsenal – Alexis (5), Ramsey (79)
Chelsea – Costa (76)

A separate blog for our FA Cup final win (get in!) will follow, but here were our predictions before the game:

David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-1 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Chelsea
Lewis : 3-1 Chelsea
Vas : 2-1 Chelsea

What did she wear? She wore, she wore, She wore a yellow ribbon, She wore a yellow ribbon, In the merry month of May! And when, I asked, Oh why she wore her ribbon, She said it’s for The Arsenal, And we’re going to Wembley! Wembley, Wembley, We’re the famous Arsenal, And we’re going to Wembley!

David Jenkins

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