Is Arsene Wenger leaving or not?

A few weeks ago Arsene announced that he’d made a decision on his future already and all would be revealed, however nothing has come out yet. Then you have his press conference this week and he was very coy over his future once again. The board need to act, but we know they won’t. If he’s leaving, fine, if he’s staying, fine – well maybe not, but either way we as fans want an announcement and want an announcement now! Not that I care what other fans think of us, but it does just give them more reason to laugh at our great club. We’re becoming a joke the longer this goes on. Quite clearly nothing is going to be confirmed until the end of the season, or at best until our FA Cup run this season is over. Hopefully that will be at Wembley at the end of May though.

Last month wasn’t the best once again, but we’re still in the FA Cup as mentioned, but we have had a couple of very easy ties against lower opposition in the last couple of rounds. Some massive Premier League games coming up too though as Mr Wenger looks to continue his “success” of qualifying for the Champions League and of course finishing above our rivals Spurs. Two huge games against Man City first though before the big once away to them at the very end of April. It’s going to be a very busy April following our team, but of course our AFC Predictions will continue until the end of the season. If you fancy joining in our predictions game or have anything else to rant about please contact us by clicking here.

Sun 2nd Apr 16.00 Man City (Home) Premier League – RESULT 2-2 DRAW
Arsenal – Walcott (40), Mustafi (53)
City – Sane (5), Aguero (42)

Mustafi made it 2-2

Not good enough but a deserved draw for sure, Jason got the 2-2 draw correct in our predictions before the game:
David : 2-1 Arsenal
Jason : 2-2 draw
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-1 draw
Vas : 1-2 City

Wed 5th Apr 19.45 West Ham (Home) Premier League – RESULT 3-0 WIN
Arsenal – Ozil (58), Walcott (68), Giroud (84)
West Ham – 

With the form that West Ham were in before this game, there would have been uproar beyond belief if we hadn’t won this game. Thankfully, like we have a few times this season we made it look very easy and we could have had five or six on the night. We weren’t at our best but we have shown again we can put these type of teams to the sword more often when they come to our place. Some great finishes on the night and all our winning predictions before the game were correct:
David : 2-0 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 3-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal
Vas : 1-0 Arsenal

Mon 10th Apr 20.00 Crystal Palace (Away) Premier League – RESULT 3-0 LOSS
Palace – Townsend (17), Cabaye (63), Milivojevic (68 pen)
Arsenal –

Some absolutely gutless defending

What an absolutely shocking performance, gutless. I know Palace have found a bit of form recently but come on. How are you and how were we outplayed by a team fighting relegation last night? We had the majority of the ball but did absolutely nothing with it and that fell right into their hands. How are on earth can you not have a second half shot on target when you’re chasing the game to get back into it? Our predictions before the game were way off:
David : 1-2 Arsenal
Jason : 0-2 Arsenal
Alex : 1-1 draw
Lewis : 1-2 Arsenal
Vas : 1-3 Arsenal

Mon 17th Apr 20.00 Middlesbrough (Away) Premier League – RESULT 1-2 WIN
Middlesbrough – Negredo (50)
Arsenal – Alexis (42), Ozil (71)

Finally an away win in the league, our first since January. To be fair we deserved it as well, but it was a battle last night with the Teessiders trying to fight off relegation. It of course wasn’t pretty, although Sanchez’s free kick for our first goal certainly was. He made it look so easy. Even with all our recent troubles we should have still been beating Middlesbrough and we were all confident of that with our predictions before the game:
David : 1-3 Arsenal
Jason : 0-2 Arsenal
Alex : 0-3 Arsenal
Lewis : 0-3 Arsenal
Vas : 0-2 Arsenal 

Sun 23rd Apr 15.00 Man City (Wembley) FA Cup Semi-Final – RESULT 2-1 WIN AET
Arsenal – Monreal (71), Alexis (100)
Man City – Aguero (62)

Sanchez with the ET winner in the semi-final

Well, we were clear underdogs to beat City on Sunday and rightfully so but the FA Cup is all about upsets isn’t it? What all five us below weren’t expecting though was that type of performance, I thought we were great. Yes, City had chances and at times our defending wasn’t great, but the fighting spirit and the willingness to keep going was superb. We kept creating chances and with the formation we played we didn’t allow the Manchester club to control us. No surprise a few of our predictions before the game were way off the mark then:
David : 1-2 Arsenal
Jason : 1-2 AET Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Man City
Lewis : 1-2 Arsenal
Vas : 2-1 Man City

Wed 26th Apr 19.45 Leicester City (Home) Premier League – RESULT 1-0 WIN
Arsenal – Huth (86 og)
Leicester – 

Oh dear Alexis, very embarrassing

All the talk this morning is of Alexis Sanchez’s dive, play acting or whatever you want to call it. Which is no surprise because it was, and the game itself was pretty terrible. I’m of course glad we got the win, but it was a very ugly display of football, if you can call it that. Monreal’s wayward shot with four minutes to go hit Robert Huth’s chest and deflected in past Schmeichel for our winner. Then the big and embarrassing talking point, Sanchez going down holding his face after the ball hit him there. Not good, but Fuchs should have been booked too for deliberately throwing the ball straight at him. Anyway, our predictions before the game were bang on with three 1-0 predictions:
David : 1-0 Arsenal
Jason : 1-0 Arsenal
Alex : 1-1 draw
Lewis : 1-0 Arsenal
Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Sun 30th Apr 16.30 Spurs (Away) Premier League – RESULT 2-0 LOSS
Spurs – Alli (55), Kane (58 pen)
Arsenal –

Lets just hope they don’t catch Chelsea and go on to win the league. I clearly can’t see it, but it’s bad enough that they’re so far ahead of us this season. Our predictions before the game weren’t that hopeful and that was confirmed in the space of four minutes when we collapsed and you could see that Spurs wanted it more. Just before that though, you thought without playing well we could still pinch this 1-0 but unfortunately Spurs just go marching on. They’ll soon be back to their usual selves next season when they’re playing all their home games at Wembley.

David : 2-1 Spurs
Jason : 1-1 draw
Alex : 3-1 Spurs
Lewis : 1-2 Arsenal
Vas : 0-1 Arsenal

What did she wear? She wore, she wore, She wore a yellow ribbon, She wore a yellow ribbon, In the merry month of May! And when, I asked, Oh why she wore her ribbon, She said it’s for The Arsenal, And we’re going to Wembley! Wembley, Wembley, We’re the famous Arsenal, And we’re going to Wembley!

David Jenkins

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