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Well last month wasn’t the best opening month of the season we’ve ever had, was it? We certainly deserved to win the Community Shield, all be it on penalties. It was then considered a great comeback against Leicester to win it at the end on Friday Night Football, the Foxes still think they should have won it. As for Stoke and Liverpool away, not good. Let’s hope for better this month when the fixtures start to come thick and fast with the newly named Carabao Cup and of course the Europa League.

Yes yes we’ve all heard the Europa League and Thursday night jokes from Spuds and other fans alike. I honestly don’t get it though, I’ve never even been one of those who’ve mocked other teams in the past or one who celebrates just getting into the Champions League. Again I just don’t get it, celebrate when you win it. Celebrate when you win a trophy or at least something. Manchester United did a great thing last season in my opinion and going out and winning it, for all the ridicule they’ve had in recent years for being poor they went out and are winning things that they currently can. At the moment that is where we’re at, we’ve not looked like being able to win the Champions League for as long as I can remember, we’re simply not good enough, so let’s try to win the Europa League now that we’re in it. I’ll take all the jokes all year round if I have to, but if we win it?

Long time since we’ve had a chance of winning the Champions League

Therefore our #AFCpredictions will continue before each game and this month will contain the Europa League fixtures, not surprisingly none of us did well in August. That won’t stop us mainly backing the team though before each game, then after the game we’ll give you our honest opinion with a small and decisive match report straight from the heart. If you’d like to join us each week in doing your predictions then as always please do give us a shout by clicking here.

Saturday 9th September @ 15:00, Premier League (H) vs Bournemouth – RESULT 3-0 WIN
Arsenal – Welbeck (6′ 50′), Lacazette (28′)
Bournemouth –

We started off on the right foot with an early goal and nearly really looked back, Bournemouth on the day did not look like they were working as a unit like they have in the past and we took full advantage. It was good to see and I love seeing Welbeck score, if he can stay fit all season we’ll score many more goals. Especially with Lacazette now scoring as well. Our predictions before the game were:
David : 2-0 Arsenal / Jason : 2-0 Arsenal / Alex : 2-1 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal / Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Thursday 14th September @ 20:05, Europa League (H) vs Cologne – RESULT 3-1 WIN
Arsenal – Kolasinac (49′), Sánchez (67′), Bellerín (81′)
Cologne – Córdoba (9′)

More Cologne fans than tickets they were actually allocated for the game

Well what an eventful evening that was last night, we knew there was thousands of Cologne’s fan in London hours before kick off and it was already rumoured the majority would be making their way to our ground. The game was delayed by an hour for security reasons once they all started arriving and then refused to be searched and present their tickets at the turnstiles. There was then our fans leaving and somehow more of their fans gaining entry to the ground without tickets or with Arsenal fan’s tickets. Don’t get me wrong, the atmosphere was good and there was no trouble but there could have been. As for the game, what a goal by Córdoba, quick thinking and an outstanding finish. Good to see we bounced back in the second half to get the win and of course not a bad finish from Sánchez either. Our predictions before the game were: David : 3-0 Arsenal / Jason : 3-1 Arsenal / Alex : 2-0 Arsenal / Lewis : 2-0 Arsenal / Vas : 2-0 Arsenal

Sunday 17th September @ 13:30, Premier League (A) vs Chelsea – RESULT 0-0 DRAW
Chelsea –
Arsenal –

Our predictions before the game were:
David : 1-1 draw
Jason : 2-0 Chelsea
Alex : 2-1 Arsenal
Lewis : 1-0 Chelsea
Vas : 2-1 Chelsea

Wednesday 20th September @ 19:45, Carabao Cup (H) vs Doncaster Rovers – RESULT 1-0 WIN
Arsenal – Walcott (25′)

Our predictions before the game were:
David : 3-0 Arsenal
Jason : 2-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 3-0 Arsenal
Vas : 4-0 Arsenal

Monday 25th September @ 20:00, Premier League (H) vs WBA

Our predictions before the game are: David : Jason : Alex : Lewis : Vas :

Thursday 28th September @ 18:00, Europa League (A) BATE Borisov

Our predictions before the game are: David : Jason : Alex : Lewis : Vas :

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