A very bad end to January!

I started last month’s blog with the heading “New Year, same old Arsenal?” and look where we are? I did have a little bit of hope that we could build some momentum in January, with a couple of so called easy home fixtures and an FA Cup run. That way we’d have plenty of confidence going into the start of February and a trip to Stamford Bridge. Yes, Chelsea have been on a great run since we destroyed them at our place and they change their formation, but I’d have been confident going there for sure, but not now. There are of course obvious changes to be made, but currently I still cannot see that happening so what does have to change? Maybe just something very simple?

I just hope it doesn’t effect our Champions League form too, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see about that. I am looking forward to some good old European football this month though, I hope I’m saying that next month as well. Anyway If you fancy joining in our predictions game or have anything else to rant about please contact us by clicking here.

Sat 4th Feb 12.30 Chelsea (Away) Premier League – RESULT 3-1 LOSS
Chelsea – Alonso (13), Hazard (53), Fabregas (85)
Arsenal – Giroud (90)

The worst possible fixture we could of had after losing at home to Watford last week. Chelsea away in the league was always going to be a defeat, I don’t care what other Arsenal fans say on this occasion. You lose with a performance like that at home in midweek just gave us no time to prepare for this battle and so it proved. Plus I can’t even brink myself to say well done to Vas as our predictions before the game were:

David : 2-0 Chelsea
Jason : 1-0 Chelsea
Alex : 1-1 draw
Lewis : 2-1 Chelsea
Vas : 3-1 Chelsea

Sat 11th Feb 12.30 Hull City (Home) Premier League – RESULT 2-0 WIN
Arsenal – Alexis (34, 90 pen)
Hull – 

An Alexis Sanchez brace vs Hull City

We were a lot more comfortable than against Watford, but fair play to Hull they did okay and battled well, thankfully we actually had some battle in us today. We still left it later than we should have to finish off the game. Both myself and Alex got the score correct as our predictions before the game were:

David : 2-0 Arsenal
Jason : 1-0 Arsenal
Alex : 2-0 Arsenal
Lewis : 2-1 Arsenal
Vas : 3-0 Arsenal

Wed 15th Feb 19.45 Bayern Munich (Away) Champions League Last 16 – RESULT 5-1 LOSE
Bayern – Robben (11), Lewandowski (53), Thiago (56, 64), Muller (88)
Arsenal – Sanchez (30)

Well what a disaster tonight was, we tried to stay with them in the first half but eventually their class just came on show. As once they then moved up a gear in the second half, they just tore us apart and we just look like we didn’t want to be there in the slightest. Terrible and our predictions before the game were:

David : 2-1 Munich
Jason : 1-1 draw
Alex : 2-0 Munich
Lewis : 2-0 Munich
Vas : 1-2 Arsenal

Mon 20th Feb 19.55 Sutton United (Away) FA Cup 5th Round – RESULT 2-0 WIN
Sutton –
Arsenal – Lucas (25), Walcott (55)

Gunner for life

Job done from us basically. Our second string did okay and didn’t fold in front of the 5000 or so in the crowd. Well done to Sutton as well, they gave us a game and kept going to the end. A week and a half off now to get heads back on for the rest of season. Our predictions before the game were:

David : 1-4 Arsenal
Jason : 1-3 Arsenal
Alex : 0-3 Arsenal
Lewis : 0-4 Arsenal
Vas : 1-3 Arsenal

Sat 25th Feb 15.00 Southampton (Away) Premier League – POSTPONED

After Southampton beat Liverpool in the EFL Cup semi-final, as well as us in the quarter-final, they now have a Cup Final to go to. Which means our game against them the weekend of 25th/26th February has been postponed.

What did she wear? She wore, she wore, She wore a yellow ribbon, She wore a yellow ribbon, In the merry month of May! And when, I asked, Oh why she wore her ribbon, She said it’s for The Arsenal, And we’re going to Wembley! Wembley, Wembley, We’re the famous Arsenal, And we’re going to Wembley!

David Jenkins

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